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Who Are We

Who We Are

Faith in Action Alabama helps members of historically marginalized communities realize their power in public life.  Based on our shared faith, our staff and volunteer leaders come together from different faiths, races, economic circumstances, and zip codes to "honor God by creating pathways of opportunities for all Alabamians.”  Our work & campaigns seek to end systemic racism because we have a moral responsibility as people of Faith to ensure that public practices and policies unleash hope, compassion, justice, and mercy for every individual.

Faith in Action Alabama began in 2016 with 6 people and has grown to over 40 member congregations, representing more than 30,000 people. We organize across the state of Alabama in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery and everywhere in between. We are a proud federation of the Faith in Action National organizing network, which spans 25 states, 40 cities, and dozens of countries from the US to Rwanda, Haiti, and Central America. 

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