Faith in Action Alabama’s Birmingham Hub is leading anti-gun violence and criminal justice.


Faith in Action Alabama Huntsville Hub is leading a campaign to create a Madison County Public Defender’s Office.


Faith in Action Alabama’s Mobile Hub is leading an anti-gun violence campaign and providing community accountability to ensure the effective development of Mobile County’s first public defender’s office.


Faith in Action Alabama has launched (1) a voter rights restoration campaign to remove obstacles to voting faced by formerly incarcerated Alabamians; and (2) a non-partisan voter engagement project leading up to the November 2020 elections.





In 2020, secured passage out of an Alabama state Senate committee a bill dealing with voter rights restoration, which would remove core obstacles to voting faced by many formerly incarcerated Alabamians.   


In 2019, secured Mobile County’s commitment to creating a public defender’s office. (Only 7 of Alabama’s 41 circuit districts have a public defender’s office.

In 2019, leading up to the city’s 2019 mayoral election, Faith in Action Alabama’s Montgomery volunteer leaders led a non-partisan voter engagement project that reached out to over 3,000 voters low-propensity African American voters.


In 2018, secured mayor of Huntsville’s commitment that city’s police force would participate in implicit bias training.

 In 2018, Faith in Action Alabama led a non-partisan voter engagement project reached out to over 30,000 African American voters throughout the state. In addition, held a Jefferson County district attorney candidates forum, attended by both the Democratic and Republican candidates, that focused on systemic racism within the county’s criminal justice system.

 In 2018, in Birmingham, attended held a 700-person community to highlight the community’s concern about the city’s gun violence and secure commitment from the mayor to collaborate with Faith in Action Alabama’s Peacemaker Campaign. The Peacemaker Campaign consists of 3 elements: (1) ensuring city implements evidence-based anti-gun violence street outreach strategy, (2) weekly night walks in two Birmingham neighborhood hard-hit by gun violence; and (3) rapid response victims team to provide social support and counsel on how to access needed social services.